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Water Mod v2.0

I represent my customized water to an amateur, in my opinion it is more realistic for this particular game, many cartels make swamp forests and at the same time manage to put blue water there “blue”, in my opinion this is not entirely correct, who does not like it – put it safely these settings, and in the archive there are settings for the editor.
Cardedel will be easier to work with this water, especially beginners, because many inexperienced smear in the editor of the foam is very sharp and it looks ugly, and in general it is very difficult to make beautiful water with the default setting.

forest_pond – Forest taiga water has a transparent green hue and cloudy foam, depending on the material.
taiga_water – The taiga water fits well for rivers, lakes, depending on the material.
green_taiga – Swamp water test.

Version 2.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

Colors are matched with the recommended color palette.
For the game green – green_summer2 is added – marsh green looks more respectable.

For the Editor:
green_summer1 – The water has a dark color of swampy flowering water, suitable for Summer and Autumn cards.
green_summer2 – Swamp green looks more respectable, suitable for summer cards.
forest_autumn – Dark gray muddy water, suitable for Autumn maps of swamp streams, and so on … To your liking …

Water can be combined with each other, for example, as I have on a new map, the river taiga_water flows, the water rises and leaves the banks, ravines flow into the swamps to combine river and marsh water, as I did, look at the screenshots that lie in the archive, you can play with any water, and you will have a beautiful picture, the water will merge with each other, and there will be no sudden transient colors!

If for someone that is very bright, reduce the contrast of the colors “green_summer2.xml” (ColorDiffuse = “g (45; 114; 77) x 0.3” to ColorDiffuse = “g (45; 114; 77) x 0.2”)
Customized with Graphics – SweetFX graphics enhancement


Credits: BloodRage

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