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Snow falling weather mod

This mod adds falling snow around vehicles in realtime.Works with tuck class only does not work with uaz class.Unip sip copy media folder to your spintires directory or use JSGME mod loader.Please i encourage anyone to add and help improve this mod and hope everyone enjoys falling snow in spintires.


Uploaded by Draconus43077
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2 Responses to "Snow falling weather mod"

  1. Draconus43077 says:

    Already have rain mod proto type made should be done in a few weeks.Already looks awesome and new updated version of falling snow mod will be uploaded soon as well.I also dedicate this falling snow mod to my beautiful little girl Alyssa. To all enjoy the snow in Spintires!!!

    • Draconus43077 says:

      Just so everyone is aware the Snow Falling Weather mod works with version 16.1.15 v1 but does not work with version 4.2.15 v1.Working on an update to fix this problem hopefully soon!!!

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