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Using this form, you can publish a mod on our website. The mod will be available for anyone to download, and will be listed in our mods database.

Before you upload the mod, please read the following rules:


  • make sure that the mod has not already been uploaded,
  • ensure that the mod is as error free as possible,
  • ensure that you have provided correct e-mail address, this is the only way we can contact you regarding your upload.



  • description must be descriptive and in English,
  • single line descriptions such as «This is my new truck» will automatically be declined,
  • please also ensure you select the correct category for your mod.



  • one clear in-game picture is required,
  • the picture must show the mod clearly.



  • always credit the correct author of the mod,
  • if the mod is not yours make sure you have asked permission to upload the mod,
  • do not put «This is not my mod»,
  • do not try to claim a mod as your own, this mods will be automatically deleted.



Please do not use Egofiles and Catshare file hostings, because these services are not supported in some countries.


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