River Valley Map - Spintires: MudRunner Моды

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River Valley Map

Game version: 17/11/07

On the map:

Photorealistic map, there are no bridges over the river, but you can find a few fords here and there.

There are 2 maps, with 3 or 6 lumber mills

On the map there are
10 cloakings
1 closed garage + 1 starting garage on 3-sawmill-map
1 fuel station
1 logs autoloading point
2 manual loading points with log spawn
1 marked loading point without spawn
1 secret loading point
3/6 lumber mills
7 locked trucks.
4 start vehicles

Author: Dmitriy1815 (Dmitrii Shuleiko)

Категории: Spintires: MudRunner МодыMaps

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