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Map "Stalker: The faults of the Pripyat" version 1.0

Stalker Fyodor had to drop off of the garage on the farm, but decided to come to the 4th power unit, but evidently there is something bad happened to him … We’ll have you, Stalker (Your Name), go see that there are coming and garage parts deliver to the destination. At your disposal a complete map of the fault zone in the last year. Once you open the garage for you, my personal request, Stalker, as they say, «not in service and friendship» — Take a minute firewood or other materials by 6 points. The abandoned buildings of the city are still living people — civilians and stalkers, help them … firewood for the winter it does not hurt … And be careful in the ditches, they are very cunning! Zone live my life … Good luck, Stalker!

>From the author:
The original landscape — envelope objects from urbi Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl: Wehrwolf Wehr
Finalization of maps and objects: Bogelman Dmitry (Bogelma).

The map is not a lot of dirt, but do not rush to relax, very treacherous terrain, narrow bridges, and the complexity of the passages await you on this map! (I advise you to take a heavy off-road vehicles). The card is also quite long progruzhat, have patience! Map will finish!

On the map:
1 gar (Closed)
1 gas station
4 loading point
2 felling
6 sawmills.
URAL 4320 (2 pieces)
KrAZ 525 (3 pieces)
KAMAZ 6522 (2 pcs)
2 cars to choose from
More screenshots
Directions to Pripyat costs 10 rubles! (WebMoney: R165736911593, Qiwi: +380985295545)


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4 комментария to "Map «Stalker: The faults of the Pripyat» version 1.0"

  1. Arnau:

    The map doesn’t wok well, it crashes all the time.

  2. Arnau:

    The map crashes, doesn’t work well
    Please fix

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