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Homecoming Map

Kind time of days friends! So I came back from a long “vacation” and it’s time to please you with new and interesting maps.

Plot: After 1,5 years of business trip in the South, Petrovich returns home, but not everything is so simple: the locals complained that during the absence of Petrovich all the city and village garages were stolen, the logs for the boards had run out in the sawmills and he had to restore everything in the original form . To Petrovich it was easier to restore everything, local residents gave him 2 brand new Krasas and told that somewhere outside the city there is a van with garage parts … That’s how the adventures of Petrovich began at home …

On the map there are:
2 garages * (see below)
2 logging sites (manual and automatic loading)
4 sawmills
2 starting cars (+ empty slot) (replaceable)
6 cars on the map (3 random)
8 points of exploration

The card has 7 balance points
Map size 1km per 1 km

Map of moderate complexity with different terrain.

* – In the archive you will find 2 versions of the map (with open and closed garages)
Contact me:
I wish you all good luck and pleasant pokatushek on the map!

Version 12.06.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

map updated under version 18/05/21


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