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I am glad to present an update of the MAZ-200 truck fleet. However, this update can be called very conditional. In fact, it is – almost from scratch created by the pack. Models have a completely different level of study (both 3D models and textures themselves), due to the use of original drawings, a huge number of photographic materials, technical descriptions, etc. The number of trucks is noticeably enlarged in the package.

Added 3 cars. Added addons, the mode is completely reconfigured. The volume of the archive is very significant, because In mod, a large number of high-resolution textures are used. Possible drawdown of FPS on weak PCs, especially when there are more than 3-4 of these machines nearby. After some time, the mod will be ported to the new version of the game, with appropriate modifications.
This mod covers almost the entire MAZ-200 series, created at the Minsk Automobile Plant. This package is a tribute to this legendary plant, whose history, it can be said, began with the production of this series of trucks.
Pak includes the main modifications of the series:
MAZ-205 – dumper with rear unloading with a load capacity of 6 tons. The first truck, produced by the MAZ plant under its own brand. The truck is available immediately with the dump body installed and has only one add-on – the trailer on the frame MAZ-205 with a similar body. The dump truck has a shorter base than the MAZ-200 base chassis. Wheel formula: 4х2.
MAZ-200-K61 – mobile crane on the chassis MAZ-200 with a payload of 6t, which has a mechanical drive. The crane is also available assembled and does not have any addons. The crane has a working hook and allows lifting loads of up to 5-6 tons with a minimum boom reach and about 2 tons at maximum. For ease of use, a load indicator is installed on the boom, similar to the one on the real K51 / 61 models. Wheel formula: 4х2.
MAZ-200 / 200V – basic chassis / modification 200b (tractor) with a large number of add-ons (onboard platform, awning, tanker, coupling + semitrailers MAZ-5215b and MAZ-5232 and auxiliary add-ons (extra tank, spare for the cab). formula: 4×2.
MAZ-501 is a cross-country timber transporter. The first truck, fully developed at the MAZ plant, designed for operation in difficult road conditions. The basis of the fleet of logging enterprises of the post-war USSR. The truck has a unique design of the drive on the front axle, which has a very small “reach” of the reducer and an excellent ground clearance. The truck has a logging platform with two types of dissolution: short and long (controlled by a cable system) and a number of additional addons (a board for short logs, a board with fuel and repair, spare parts, an additional tank). Wheel formula: 4×4
MAZ-502 is a military version of the MAZ-501 version, which has a slightly boosted engine and its own set of add-ons (canopy, bead, coupler + part of MAZ-5215b semitrailers, tanker tank, spare wheel and repair parts). The truck has a single-gauge rubber of increased radius on both axles. Wheel formula: 4×4.
Models MAZ-205 and K-61 were conceived under various story maps and their direct functionality in the game is very limited. The crane requires careful work, because can fly to heaven. Advice – do not use the tail of the winch too short (less than 0.5 meters) and do not try to lift (tear off the ground) loads of more than 6 tons.
In the pack of 5 machines, 24 original add-ons + a set of their cargoes. The sound is recorded from the real YaAZ-204A engine (modification under MAZ-502).
For 3D model of the panelist NAMI-790 thanks to Dimcore. For the inspiration to create this pack thanks to the JSM team. And many thanks to everyone who showed interest in this work, helped with advice and criticism.
The mod is filled in the form of an archive from the VS. Later, perhaps, lay out the corrected file strings.xml with the registration of normal addon names.


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