Map “HEAVY WORK” - Spintires: MudRunner Mods

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1 garage (closed)
1 refueling
1 logging site + loading point
1 sawmill
2 slots for cars
2 Ural-375 (one recessed), 1 Maz-535, 1 Kraz-255 and another drowned Ural-432010, without fuel and killed in trash)
There are 2 variants of passage:
– explore the 2 Urals, then fill them, and one to pull out of the pond and open the garage and then transport it.
– open the Maz-535 and try to pull Ural-432010, repair it a little (check points on the Maza-535) and refuel, and after, on the almost broken Urals make 2 heavy walkers
Bridges also just do not pass – you can turn over! Be careful.

Ткаченко Кирилл

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