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Added six-wheeled combined forwarder HSM_940F_Combined and four-wheel short forwarder HSM_940F_Short

Heavy – productive harvester and forwarders, designed for large-scale logging.
I tried to make interesting, unlike and realistic mod.

In mod, 6 farwarders:
Scorpion_King and Ponsse_Bear have 5 standard trailers and 1 addon.
Ponsse_Buffalo has 5 standard trailers and 2 of its add-ons.
John Deere has 5 standard trailers and 4 of its add-ons.
The six-wheeled combined forwarder HSM_940F_Combined has 5 standard trailers and 6 of its addons.
The four-wheel short forwarder HSM_940F_Short has 6 standard add-ons.

HSM have a large load capacity of 15 tons, are best suited for long distances and ensure compactness and high maneuverability.


Credits: vasia_b4

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