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Severe Taiga Map v2.0

Having found wonderful places you can take a selfie, with your timber truck, on the most beautiful nature of Russian Taiga.
No, no, don’t be afraid, there are no bears. You are not in the very outback, wonderful nature. And so, the card has both a medium and a complex degree of patency. I wish you to do your work without losing your precious time.

On the map:
2 – garage (closed)
1 – refueling
9 – sawmills
2 – goat (Self loading)
1 – logging (automatic loading)
10 – points of intelligence
4 – cars at the start (Fully replaceable with their own)
10 – cars on the map

„All DLC needed !!“
Dear friends! Write in comments about this card.
I would be very happy to read them both positive and inadequate.
In the future, maybe another 1 card will be released („Severe Taiga 2.1“).
Thank you for your attention, and pleasant pokatushek! Sincerely, Maxim.


Credits: Maks Dudar

Kategorien: Spintires: MudRunner ModsMaps

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