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Soviet Times. Taiga. The farm – a small village of the workers engaged in the development of new land and timber production. Work fairly routine but it needs young socialist country: the extraction of timber, wood. Barge logs delivered to the farm – to another ship logs have to carry … plus local sawmill … Terrain marshy, slightly hilly, rarely planted forest … In general – have something to do.
Size: max (1km to 1km)
6 sawmills
1 felling
4 loading point
2 gas stations
1 garage (open)
KAMaZ 6522 (2 pieces, outdoor, exchangeable)
MAZ-535 (open, exchangeable)
ZIL 130 (Closed)
UAZ 469 (Closed)
GAZ 66 (Closed)
Kirovets K700 (Closed)
Authors: Ptentsov, DPI Dexter Paris
Author: Ptentsov

Ptentsov, DPI Dexter Paris

Hochgeladen von bogelma
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